Friday, August 27, 2010

And Carlos is a .......

Today I had my 20 week ultrasound, though I almost didn't make it.  I almost had a complete and total melt down and I almost had to shank someone.  

I let my principal know weeks ago that I needed to leave early today (just 30 minutes!!!) to make sure I had plenty of time to get to my ultrasound appointment.  I told her that if there was any way that this would cause a problem, I'd be happy to take a full sick day because I have been waiting for day for um... 20 weeks.  She assured me it wouldn't be a problem.

However, when I was walking to my car to leave I was summoned to the principal's office.  Never a good sign, and never a quick trip. 

There was one of my trouble makers, who's parents I had contacted earlier in the day.  I'd informed them that their precious LO hadn't been doing work, was failing tests, and consequently was failing the class.  Precious LO that he is, he responded by marching into the principal's office and telling her that he was failing because I didn't like him.  AGGGGGGHHHHHHH!  REALLY?!?!  Though I know this was simply a ploy on his part to get me "in trouble", and that I had more than enough evidence to prove that the young man was not trying (ie. Homework Question: What did Darwin discover on his trip on the HMS Beagle.  Answer.  He really liked being on the boat because it was like vacation.) I started to panic.  It took a conference call home and 20 minutes before my principal let me go. 

Now 20 minutes late, I frantically drove toward my appointment.  Since I work an hour from home,  I had about an hour long drive to get to an appointment that started in 45 minutes.  30 minutes later, DH called wondering where I was.  Bumper to bumper traffic.  A car had flipped over and was blocking the 2 right lanes. 

Did I mention that in order to perform the ultrasound, I'd needed to empty my bladder 2 hours before the exam, then drink 4-8 oz glasses of water and not pee again until midway through the ultrasound.  And, it was 102 degrees today, just to make me more uncomfortable.

And, I was likely going to miss my appointment.

By the time I pulled in to the parking lot, I was already 30 minutes late to my appointment.  I ran, full bladder and protruding belly, through the hospital and to the ultrasound room.  I pleaded to be seen, and by some miracle, they had a late opening, so I was able to get the test done.  But, I had to wait, without the sweet relief of a bathroom for an additional 20 minutes.   Small price to pay. 

And we found out.....

When I came out of the ultrasound, I had 4 missed calls and 3 new text messages.  Apparently my mom and sisters were a little anxious too. 

Ultrasound pictures coming soon.

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