Sunday, August 29, 2010

There's A Person In There

Dear World,
I'd like to introduce you to my beautiful baby girl.  Isn't she amazing.  She has a nose, a mouth, two ears (I saw them both), 2 hands with 10 tiny fingers and 2 feet with 10 tiny toes.  If you look really hard, you can even see she has vertebrae... yep, my girl has a backbone.  She's gorgeous, isn't she.

Its so strange to me to see her little face and know that in another 20 weeks or so, I'll be meeting this incredible little creature that is somehow floating around inside of me.

And from this blurry image, I can already tell that she has my husbands nose.  We both have distinct noses.  Mine is skinny and pointed down, his is wider and just slightly turned up.  I was hoping she'd get his nose, because I think it is absolutely adorable on him.

I also recognize her upper lip.  Its the same one that belongs to my dad and grandmother.  It kind of looks a little bit like Fred Flinstone's upper lip if you look at it for a long time, only so much more adorable on my little girl.  Seeing my grandmother in her face makes me really miss her and wish she could be around to see this little girl.  She was an incredible grandmother and would have been the most fantastic great grandma.

DF is getting used to the idea of having a girl, though he has freaked out a few times.  He told me yesterday that she can't get her ears pierced until she's at least 16.  I told him that we should probably wait and see if she even wants to get her ears pierced before we worry about that one.  I know that he is privately mourning the loss of the little boy he pictured happening, but I also know that he is going to love this little girl like crazy.   

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