Sunday, December 5, 2010

Baby Carriers

When we were registering for our baby shower, DH looked completely and totally overwhelmed by Babies R Us.  I've never seen him look so confused as we walked through, aisle by aisle as I tried to explain to him what all the stuff was for and why we might need it.  Not that I had any idea, but I did a great job of faking it.

We finally got to baby carriers and when he saw this Bjorn he commented on how cool it looked.  Since this was the first thing I'd heard from him since we'd entered the store, I decided we were getting this damn baby carrier no matter what. 

Had I seen this video, I may have reconsidered.  Hindsight is 20/20.  Please note how everyone in the video is wearing black, red and white.  Now, for your viewing pleasure... a youtube video illustrating the amazing things you can do with this baby carrier.

Yesterday was our shower, and WOOHOOH, DH got the one thing he asked for!  He was once again overwhelmed by the massive amount of baby crap strewn around our house so I suggested that he try it on.

DH is 6'1 and not a tiny man.  While we were able to extend the straps enough to get it closed around him, he looked like Chris Farley in Tommy Boy doing "Fat Guy in a Little Coat" .  He voluntered to starve himself until the baby gets here, but in all honesty it isn't that he's too fat, he's just too big.  It sits in a very uncomfortably on his ribs.  No good.  Many customers also complain that it causes back pain and a sweaty baby.  (And in all fairness there are a lot of great reviews)

Possible solutions:
  • Extenders for the Bjorn.  So far, haven't found anything but mentions of these.
  • The Ergo.  Ergo seems  like it might do the trick.  It looks like it will fit lower on the waist and they offer a waist extension for $8 on amazon.  DH mentioned that this one doesn't look as cool.
  • Sleepy Wrap. I ordered one of these for me because my sister raved about them.  You can also use them for breastfeeding.  It is highly adjustable, and based on my research it looks like this is something that has worked for a lot of new parents who aren't so small.  Mine is on its way, and I'll let you know more when I get it.
What do you think?   Any advise on getting a properly fitting carrier for DH?


The sleepy wrap is working well for DH, but he doesn't really carry the baby much yet.  The Ergo will work with an extender, so we are going to get one for the spring when we are out and about more.

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