Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I was never one of those kids who begged their parents for a baby brother or sister.  In fact, I was pretty happy with my parents all to myself and was a little pissed off when they came around.

Being the big sister sucks.  I got in trouble all the time for not being a good enough big sister because I was much more content to be alone than playing with the two of them.  They are two years apart, and have always been very close, and they banded together to make my youth a living hell.  They'd steal my stuff and, more often than not, return it broken or not at all.  They'd wake me up early, not caring that I liked to sleep in, and pull my eyes open by my eyelashes.  They'd whine to my parents how unfair it was that I got to do things that they didn't get to do and, because of my baby sisters superior powers of persuasion, they got to do most of they got to do all the things I'd waited so long to do shorty thereafter. 

When we were really young, my parents had the brilliant idea to have all of us sleep in the same room.  The baby, probably about 3 at this point, was in a small toddler bed between me and my middle sister.  More frequently than I really care to remember, rather than having an accident in her own bed, baby sister would move from her sleeping space to the foot of my own to relieve herself.  This atrocity was only topped by the time middle sister pooped in the tub with me in it.

Now that I am "with Bug", they are finally paying me back for all the pain they caused.  This is the card they got me for my baby shower.

And I know they will.

Already baby sis has used her nanny expertise to "help me" with my registry... and by help me I mean request my password and remove everything she thought was crap and exchanging it for something better.  I'd be annoyed but she also has been collecting good from her clients that have included 2 bjorns (though as you've seen below, we're also getting an ergo), 2 swings (so that I don't have to drag one up and down the stairs), an arms reach cosleeper, a snap and go stroller frame, and a crib, all in almost new condition.

Knowing I was freaking out about having to put Bug in daycare so young (since I'll be returning to work in late March), baby sis also polled my entire family to see when they'd be able to come and watch her for the day, or even a week, and made a schedule so that there is someone watching her, at our house, until school lets out at the end of May and I'm back home.  9 weeks of FREE daycare from the people I trust most.

For those 9 weeks, middle sister switched her work schedule so that she'll have Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays off to watch Bug.  She won't have a day off for 9 weeks.

Right about now, they are more than making up for the pain they put me through.  I'm feeling very lucky to have sisters

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  1. I think this has to be the sweetest and best post I've seen about sisters! Your little sisters sound pretty amazing and that must be because through it all you were probably one heck of a big sister!

    Congratulations and I look forward to reading more on your baby journey :)