Friday, December 24, 2010

Pregnant Dreams

This is something somebody should tell you about before you get pregnant: You will have the most insane dreams of your life.  For me, its been enough for me to want to check myself into the looney bin more than once.

A few nights ago, I hit the bizzare dream trifecta. 

During the first, DH and I were staying in a wierd little B & B with 4 rooms upstairs and a large room downstairs.  In my dream, I woke up in the middle of the night hungry so I went down to get something to eat.  One of my students, not one of my fav's either, came out from the room next to ours.  She looked exactly like this student, but had an interesting hair cut a la Cheri Oteri in Liar Liar.  She began bitching about a low grade and, in order to get me back, she cut off her own head and screamed that I had done it.  My student, now just a head, bounced around on the counter screaming that I'd cut off her head.  I didn't want to be accused, so I dumped a bucket of water on her head to shut her up, making me look so much more guilty.  The screaming woke up the other occupants, a stipper in room number 3 and an arguing couple in room four.  Not to be outdone, the man in room number 4 dumped his wife over the ledge, killing her.  He also held a gun and threatened that anyone who called 911 would be shot.  The only thing I could think of was that this would probably get me off of the hook for the headless student thing.

Waking up from that dream was a head scratcher, and after one of my many trips to the bathroom, I decided to try to go back to sleep.  After many tosses and turns and grumbles from DH, I fell asleep, only to have bizzare dream #2. 

In this dream, I was a hardened gang member on the streets of Santa Cruz.  For anyone who has never been to Santa Cruz, you should know that aside from a few drunken students and crazy homeless people the gang problem is minimal, at worst.  You probably know it better for the boarwalk.

Well, me and my hommies, dressed in pink jackets (including the fellas) looking more like the pink ladies from Grease than gang members, were in an all out battle for turf.  We were in a hot and heavy shoot out, when one of my pink guys got hit.  It was my job to provide cover fire while they took him to the hospital.

Insane in the membrane, I know.  Another trip to the bathroom and back to bed. 

The last dream was at least one that is common to the preggo ladies, so it made me feel a little less crazy.  I was at my mom's house and there was some kind of a party happening.  I saw a baby hanging out in the carseat on my mom's kitchen table.  My sister was playing with her and she happy and giggly and smiling.  I was just thinking, "I wonder who's baby that is?" when someone flipped on the music.   The baby immediately came to life, dancing in her carseat, rocking her fists.  Then I remembered all the times I was in my car, driving home from work when I switched from NPR to some kind of music station and my belly started shaking.  Bug is a notorious dancer already and without fail, will begin "dancing" in my belly at even a hint of music.  At this realization, I thought "Thats my Bug!".

That was my first Bug sighting, thought I've heard mom's say that they have recurring dreams starring their babies.  This dream was much happier, and left me far less puzzled than the other two.  DH wasn't as excited when I told him, especially because it was about 5:30 am when I woke up from this one.   

So make me feel better....what was your craziest preggo dream?  Did you ever get the chance to meet your LO in a dream?

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