Monday, December 20, 2010

How Daddy Proposed

It's been a year since Daddy proposed to mommy.  It feels like a long time ago because so much as happened.  Mommy and daddy decided it was time to try to make you, and daddy was we were so excited to find out you were coming. Mommy and Daddy had a shotgun beautiful wedding and they were so annoyed happy because everyone invited themselves decided to come.  Now, we are just waiting for you to make our lives complete.

Last year, Mommy was pretty sure that Daddy was going to ask her to marry him because she'd given him until the end of the year to propose before she told him she was going to leave him it was almost exactly 4 years from their first date.  Daddy was taking mommy to Napa for the weekend because Mommy likes to drink a lot of wine it's very pretty there.  After checking into our hotel, Mommy and Daddy went from winery to winery place to place drinking steadily because Daddy figured he'd have a better chance of getting a yes if Mommy was drunk looking at the beautiful scenery.

Then we got to Mumm, one of Mommy's favorite places because the only thing Mommy likes more than wine is wine with bubbles in it. it is the prettiest. Daddy asked mommy to take a walk through the art gallery and he was acting very nervous. 
They walked back and forth and looked at all of the crappy modern art pretty pictures until they go to the end of the hall that overlooked the vineyard.  It was a very pretty spot that looked over the vineyard and the tasting room.  In fact, it was so pretty that Daddy kept getting interrupted by drunk bitches at a bachelorette party nice ladies that kept asking him to take their picture. 

Finally, Mommy and Daddy were alone and daddy pulled out a beautiful ring and told Mommy she was his best friend and asked if she'd be his friend forever.  Of course, mommy said yes.  But not before another stupid bitch, too drunk to notice she was interrupting, asked to have her picture taken.


  1. haha! Laughing at the last crossed out line! Unfortunately, that will make the story all the more memorable!

  2. Haha! Love your what you're really thinking and your sugar coated post!

    All and all, a very sweet story and romantic proposal! Congratulations. I love Napa!