Monday, February 28, 2011

Free Naturipe Produce Coupons

This is a little random, I know, but I have recently become completely and totally addicted to couponing.  I am naturally a cheap bastard with a streak of psycho competitiveness.  Couponing has become a game to me... me against the store, and I am determined to win.  I'm getting a little nutty.

I haven't come out of the closet on this blog about what a crazy lady I am, but then I came across this deal and I couldn't keep my mouth shut.

I prefer to buy organic produce, which, as we all know if more expensive.  As my ideal family grocery budget is $60 a week, this doesn't give me a lot to spend on pricey produce.   

I recently read a blog somewhere, and now have no idea where, that many companies will send you coupons if you write to them and let them know that you are trying to improve your eating habits and would like to try their produce.  My local grocery store carries a considerable amount of Naturipe organic berries, so I decided to search their website for coupons and when I didn't find any I submitted a request asking for coupons to try their product, and look what I got!

They sent me 6 coupons that total $18 in savings, including 3 coupons for free products up to a $5 value. 

Total win!

You can also receive coupons by signing up for Berry Blast membership.

Do you have any great deals that you can't keep to yourself?  Link up below.

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