Thursday, March 17, 2011

Breastfeeding Blog Hop Week 11: Starting Solids

Hey ya'll! Did you notice that I am hosting the blog hop this week! SWWWWWWEEEEET.

Unfortunately, since Bug is 7 weeks old, this is a topic I know almost nothing about. And there is SOOOOO much conflicting information out there. (sorry, a little capslock happy today)

DH and I are both overweight and grew up with some pretty awful eating habits, so it's incredibly important to me that we start Bug on the right track early. So what are we supposed to do.

So I have heard that:
• You should never start solids before three months
• You should never start solids before six months
• You should never start solids before teeth appear.
• Starting solids adds no nutritional value until LO is over a year old because they are getting everything they need from breastmilk.

Um.... (hand raised) when do we start?

Also, I have this plan that I'll make baby food, but I have a feeling that could end up in the discard pile along with the plans that I would become a gestational vegetarian, never breastfeed while checking email and never let Bug watch TV. The ideal doesn't seem to be working out so far. What can I say, Bug loves watching B-Ball with her pops.

And, if she isn't really getting any added nutritional benefit from baby food, can't I just give her a piece of my fruits and veggies for awhile and call that good?

I'm excited to hear what everyone else has to say.


  1. I'm finding it a bit confusing too. I'm looking more into baby led weaning from the tips on a couple other hop posts. Rissa is old enough to start per traditional view and our dr's view...

  2. Thanks for guest hosting! New follower and visiting from the breastfeeding blog hop! Our daughter is 5 and a bit months old so we don't really know much about this yet either but I'm working on it.