Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Breastfeeding Blog Hop Week 9: Tips for New Moms

I don't know if I can be considered a veteran mom since Bug is only 5 weeks old. But there are many things that I wish I would have known and done if I had a big do-over. Here are my new mommy dos and dont's.

DO start trying to breastfeed as soon and as often as possible.

DO ask for help. Even if you have a LO who latches perfectly the first time there are so many people available to help you in the hospital and they don't follow you home. Ask questions and get as much help as you can when it is readily available.

DON'T let them do it for you. In my experience there were many nurses who just grabbed my nipple and tried to put it in my baby's mouth without helping me to do it on my own.

DON'T assume that breastfeeding will be easy. I think most moms will agree that its one of the most challenging aspects of new motherhood.

DON'T panic. Many doctors and nurses will make you feel like you need to be a breastfeeding pro right away, especially if your LO is loosing a lot of weight. You have as much time as it takes. Through my struggles I have found MANY moms who weren't able to breastfeed for weeks. One mom I met was patient enough to stick it out for 8 weeks before having success.

DON'T feel like you can't undo something. I had a meltdown when I had to supplement because everything I'd read made it sound like it would permanently ruin my supply. Not so.

DO know it gets easier as your baby's mouth grows and they become more coordinated.

DO be persistent. There are so many places to get help, but they won't seek you out. Its easy to get lost in the shuffle and not get what you need.

DO pump. It will help boost your supply.

DO relax and enjoy your baby.

Update:  I'd like to clarify on my pumping comment.  I'd suggest pumping AFTER each feeding if you are concerned with your supply.  Or, if breastfeeding isn't working out, you can still give your baby breastmilk by pumping and bottle feeding.  But I wouldn't suggest exclusively pumping unless you have to (like I did for the first 4 weeks!) because my production has increased significantly since Bug has taken to the breast.  Who knew?!?  
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  1. Great tips! Especially "Don't feel like you can't UNDO something." That is often the vibe that comes with a lot of advice and it can lead to some poor decisions in the name of not screwing up breastfeeding.

  2. Great tips. Personally, I would say avoid pumping. Pumping isn't a good indication of supply for most women. AND some women don't respond the a pump like they do baby. That can be detrimental to supply.

    Thanks for linking up with this week's blog hop!

  3. Awesome tips. I think you're even more of an expert because you've been through the brand new mom stage most recently. I'm not so much of a veteran either - Levi is only 6 months old, but time is flying by quickly.

    Thanks so much for sharing these on the BFing Blog Hop!

  4. Great tips. I agree with Marah, I don't like pumping either, it's so uncomfortable.
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  5. Stopping by again on the BF Hop :)

    Pumping can help maintain/boost supply - just don't get too concerned about how much/little you see coming out. Baby is more efficient!

    I like the tip that you can undo things. With patience and persistence, things can get back on track if you had to veer off a bit.

    I don't think I'm an expert - only one for my DD :)

    ~Darcy @ Tales From the Nursery~

  6. Ladies,

    I totally agree with you on the pumping. That's what I get for trying to blog from my phone in the middle of the night. See my update above.


    I agree, I HATE pumping, but it has become a necessary evil in my life and I've been thankful to have that as an option to get me through the rough patches.

  7. I admire you for everything you're doing!!!! I wish this bloghop was around when i was breastfeeding, i wouldn't have felt so alone! Proud of you girl!!! And wooohooo on bugs weight-gain!!!!!