Thursday, March 24, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

Date:Wednesday, March 23rd
Current Weight: 202
Change from last week: 0
Total challenge weight loss: -2

So, this is a little late. Miss Bug was a little under the weather today and consequently we were both grouchy.

This week had its ups and downs. DH was out of town from Wednesday to Sunday, making me the solo parent in charge. My family visited, which helped, but it was still a crazy week. And, when my family is here I tend to not pay any attention to what I eat. There were many days where I didn't track.

The good news is I used the free time they gave me to workout. I got in a run and a swim. Obviously it wasn't enough to overcome my poor eating habits, but it did prevent a gain.

This week... I need to track. It's going to be rough, especially since I am going back to work on Monday, but I can do it.
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