Tuesday, January 11, 2011

39 Weeks

I'm a little slow getting up my 39 week post.  Things have been hectic around here. 

I am officially on maternity leave. Hooray!!!!

One would think this would mean that I am sitting with my feet propped up and enjoying the end of my pregnancy.

Not so much.

This morning, my sub called me 6 times. 6 times.  3 before 8 am. 

I want to stab her.

Because I work for a school that does independent study, we don't see students every day and things are a little tricky.  My principal suggested a sub based on the fact that she has taught for our school in the past and understands our strange little proceedures.  Unfortunately, many of the proceedures have changed and she really has no idea what is going on. 

And she is older, retired and not so familiar with that new fangled thingy on my desk called a computer. 

Stupid me, I left electronic files. 

It seemed like a good idea at the time.  I have remote access to my desktop so I can go in an change assignment and adapt lessons to meet her needs, because, oh yeah, she also isn't a science person. 

DH is ready to have my phone disconnected.

On to the baby update. 

There is no baby. =(

I had an appointment last Thursday and found out that I was a half centimeter dilated and almost completely effaced.  My doctor is hoping that something will start happening soon, but suggested that I make an appointment for early next week to start discussing induction.


I am pretty flexible with my birth plan, and will do what I need to do, but induction is the LAST thing I want done.  I was hoping to have a low intervention birth so that I could walk around and hide in the shower and do that kind of a thing.  But once they start with pitocin, I am bed ridden for most of the process.  This takes away a lot of the things that I was hoping for.

And.... I am not a big fan of the multiple day labor that so many people I have talked to who have been induced seemed to have. 

Let the crazy interventions begin.

Spicy Food.
Cod liver oil.

I think I'm going to start trying it all, knowing damn well it probably wont work.

Wish me luck and start thinking baby!

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