Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why My Husband is a Saint

The last few weeks have been torture for me, and its easy to loose sight of just how terrible they have likely been for my husband as well.  In this whole mess, he has done everything he can to be supportive, loving and understanding.

In addition to have a bitchy, pregnant and overdue wife to cope with, he has been having one hell of a time at work.  He is the general manager at his job, and in these hard economic times, he and the owner have made the decision to cut back on as much staff as possible.  This means in addition to doing his normal job, DH is doing the job of everyone who has been laid off.  

I had no idea how hard it has been on him because he hasn't been telling me everything that has been happening.  He is worried about causing me more stress. 

This week, he started having back problems.  His upper back is so tight, he is having trouble just moving around.  He winces in pain every time he sits or stands or reaches or does pretty much anything.  The cause... stress. 

This morning I overheard him talking to the company owner on the phone.  Apparently, in addition to everything else he is doing, he is taking one of his customers to court next week because they owe thousands of dollars, which at this point may make the difference in whether or not they have to let another employee go.  When is this court date?  Tuesday. 

I'm having my membranes stripped on Monday. 

When I asked him what we would do if I was finally in labor, he told me that he would figure something out.

Holy crap... I can't even imagine the pressure he is under. 

And he still fawns all over me every night when he gets home from work and loves me up and takes care of all of the stuff around the house that I can longer do myself.  And when I was sobbing yesterday, he sat with me and held me and told me how great I was doing.

I think he might actually be a saint.

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