Monday, January 3, 2011

Cats Don't Like Water

Last week I decided that I should probably wash everything on the co-sleeper again since our two male cats were using it as their love nest.  Thats when something bad happened... Not only was the co-sleeper covered in fur, there were flecks of what pet owners can immediately identify as flea poop.


I have a baby due in two weeks and a flea outbreak.  Yuck.

Though I am incredibly messy, there are certain things I can't deal with.  For example, my desk is covered in random papers, water bottles and post-its most of the time.  However, if there is a sponge that has been used more than a few times, I freak the hell out.  I cut my sponges in half because I go through them so much.  Why, because sponges are the ideal breeding ground for nasty ass bacteria.  DH doesn't understand how I can be so messy, and yet so anal retentive, but that's what happens when you marry a crazy ass science teacher.  And on the top of my list of things that freak me out.



Ever heard of a little thing called the bubonic plague.   

Being pregnant is only hightening the insanity.  I immediately started washing and vaccuming and scrubing and re-ordering flea medicine for our 4 fluffy pets.  While I am crazy about giving Daisy Dog her frontline on the first Saturday of every month, the cats get spared most of the time because they are forbidden from leaving the house.  Besides, who heard of a flea outbreak in the middle of f-ing winter? 

After the frantic cleaning session, everyone needed a bath.  Yes, everyone. 

Daisy is an absolute angel about bathtime.  I simply drag her into the shower with me once a week and she politely lets me scrub and rinse and it takes less than 5 minutes. 

But we also have 3 cats.  Sorry kitties!

Whenever we are doing something terrible to the cats, Lox gets to go last because he is almost completely deaf.  He had no idea what was about to happen.

Now it has been a few days and there have been no flea sighting to speak of.  The adult fleas are dunzo, but there are probably eggs somewhere in this nasty ass house that are just waiting to hatch.  We may have won the battle, but the war still rages on. 

Poor kitties don't know that they will be getting another bath in 2 weeks. 


  1. Haha, I love that you posted pictures of your wet kitties. I have never given a cat a bath. I can't even imagine how my 4 cats would react. Hopefully your flea problem has not returned since baby will be here any day!

  2. I found a floor flea today and went on another crazy pregnant lady cleaning frenzy. We just did frontline on all the cats so the get a reprieve on bath #2 for a week or so. Its funny and terrible at the same time.